[Closed] V Jet @ KBMI - 071330AUG15

I was just thinking who would be up for a bit of formation flying, <300 ft speed racing and high altitude racing? Nothing to serious just testing skills and learning technique.

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I would 11:30

Wait could we move that to 2 pm central time

When are you available?

I’m in GMT +12.

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I’m in GMT…

I’ll ping you in an hour or two if I’m free! :) ;)

Just tell me when today!

There’s a point. From now on we should say how many hours till event time then you can just look at how many hours ago it was posted. Then you don’t have to worry about time zones.

I’ll be ready in 9 1/2 hrs from now.

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@maxmustang Would you be keen?

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Who ever is keen let me know what time zone you’re in and we can work something out.

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I’m in pct when do u plan on starting

Are you in California?

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No set dates or times yet but I’d like to get as many fighter planes in a close v formation as possible for fun who’s in?@wingnut1776 @bbjmax @2345 @maxmustang @dmanf14

Or we use the new title format required for events. Then just change the title if you move the event time. Check this

Ahh okay I’ll do that right now.