[CLOSED] USCG Virtual's Community Air Display & Assault Landing Competition @ PHNL 122000ZAPR20

United States Coast Guard Virtual is hosting a community landing competition and airshow! Come and show off your assault landing skills in a USCG C-130J. We are proud to announce that in addition to the competition, there will be a number of displays from various teams from the community!

Server: Casual

Airport: PHNL - Honolulu Intl. Airport

Aircraft: C130J (USCG Livery)

Date: 12 April 2020

Time: 2000Z-2230Z (event may run over dependant on number of attendees)

Have you been practising the art of the C130 assault landing? Come and show us what you can do in the beautiful archipelago of Hawai’i.

If you’re new to the concept of an assault landing, have a look at this handy video for how to master it. C-130 Assault Takeoff and Landing. You’ve got a few weeks to practise, so there’s no excuse for crashes!

This event is open to everyone in the community and is hosted by United States Coast Guard Virtual. If you are interested in joining us, please have a look at our thread for more details.

The winner of this competition will gain eternal bragging rights as the finest assault pilot in the community (and the offer of entry into USCG as a direct entry Chief Petty Officer - but I’m sure the bragging rights are the main appeal).

If you would like to participate, please ask for a gate below and tell us your callsign.

We hope to see lots of you there!

In addition to the landing competition, the event will also play host to a number of display teams - these teams will be announced in due course so keep an eye open.

If you are from a VA/VO that would like to fly a demonstration during the interval, please send me a PM. We’d like to see as many VAs as possible take part!


Judge: @SSGTRocky (USCG00004) [GATE 01C]

MIL GOLF 01: @DeltaMD88Fan (WD40)
MIL GOLF 02: @ZaneDavis (USCG00001)
MIL GOLF 03: @Charles_Fosbroke
MIL GOLF 04: @RT6907 (RT6907)
MIL FOXTROT 02: @Jeffery_Stephenson
MIL FOXTROT 03: @TTV_yezzygamer (Cactus 1549)
MIL FOXTROT 04: @anon41771314
MIL ECHO 01: @Cpt_Zorndy (IFW485)
MIL ECHO 02: @Javaro_Davis (USCG0237)
MIL ECHO 03: @Andrea (USAF)
MIL ECHO 04: @HercDriver206 (Comet 889)
MIL DELTA 01: @Steven_Tellmann (GLIDER-1)


Virtual Blue Angels

image: @DeltaMD88Fan

We are proud to announce that the Virtual Blue Angels of IFCAS are performing their state of the art full display to conclude our event! They are definitely not worth missing, so even if you don’t fancy the competition but would like to watch this amazing display of skill, join us at PHNL at 2125Z on the 12th of April.


Sign me up!!

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Will do! What will your callsign be?

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put me up as “ButterHERC”…

kidding of course, ill take WD40 as my callsign


You want to stop quickly, WD40 will surely reduce your brakes’ impact!

Add some heat to the grease and you’ll light them fires. Burn the rubber off, she’ll stop quickly.

Oh yes baby! Put me down

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I remember this fun event :)

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That’s exactly the reason we’re reviving it ;)

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Sign me up as well!
Callsign RT6907

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Get me on this thing. Imma gun the 130 all the way.

What will your callsign be?

It will be BRAKNEK.

@Declan_Moody You got the callsign wrong.

Sign me up

Awesome! What’s your callsign going to be?


We are proud to announce that we have secured a guest flight display team to perform at our competition! More details will be pushed out soon, but if you’d love to see a fantastic show of skill and precision, sign up today!



Following the previous announcement, we are thrilled to be able to announce our first confirmed display team as the Virtual Blue Angels! They will be performing the concluding display to our event with their state of the art routine, displaying the sheer talent of these pilots. Come and join us!

Sign me up as callsign cactus 1549

Planning to ditch somewhere?

yesss I wanna come

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