[CLOSED] USCG-IF celebrates United States Coast Guard Day with our Awards Ceremony @ KNKX - 052100ZAUG17

Please come join USCG-IF as we recognize our pilots and staff officer for their achievements on Coast Guard Day! Many of you participated in or read the thread about our Operation Overwatch rescue mission. There will be many awards given out from that operation as well as others. This is not a normal event, but a special one for USCG-IF. After the flight, our pilots will taxi to the runway and fly to KNXP. All spectators are welcome to fall in at the end of the taxi line and fly with us.

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: KNKX

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Please spawn at any gate in Hangars 1, 3 or 4. Please leave Hangar 2 open to provide space for the ceremony. Gates will not be assigned. Please use small GA aircraft, so that more planes may spawn in if desired.

Discord link will be sent out the day of the event, so that you can listen to the ceremony.


Hope to see everyone at our Awards Ceremony, and for more information about USCG-IF, please check out our website at http://uscginfiniteflight.weebly.com/


Its going to be a great event filled with surprises and gratitude for our pilots


I hope we are able to support this event. Engines are still hot ;)


I will likely be changing this event to Saturday due to availability of pilots.


I have changed the event to Saturday at 2100z


I would love to be a spectator but I can’t come. Sorry.

AeroSync will be on point.


Roger. Glad you guys will make it.

1 : 30 hours left right? Just to stick with your own proper time management.


Roger, @Overspeed 2100Z

@CRuzZy_FUzZy please park in the spectators area
And thank you for coming. !

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What time is it in civilian time

And I’m in Nevada so can that also get calculated in

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Event starts in fifteen minutes at 3Mountain I believe , please spawn I’m an aircraft other than the USCG livery if you’re not part of USCG come in a ga plane. @Andrewk65 God to have you here. Stay for an awesome show

@CRuzZy_FUzZy please park in the spectators area.

Do you have the Discord link established yet?

I wish you a lot of fun for the ongoing event!

Thank you for those that were able to join. And a big thank you for AeroSync joining us with some great formations.


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