[Closed] US Airways Tribute Flight @ KCLT - 170130ZOCT15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KCLT

Time: 0130Z

NOTAM: We will be doing 1/2 of a circuit of the Charlotte region before landing in CAE in honor of the airline. Please follow the fight plan below and cruise at an altitude of 17,000 ft., M. 0.68 ground speed

Please show up only in a US Airways or US Airways Express livery!

Anyone is free to join. We will be following this flight plan.


If you need help compiling the flight plan, please look for the following airports for reference (They are very close):

16388: NC08
OCAGI: Between SC60, KMAO
OSPIRI: Between 6J2, KDYB
IXTIN: Between KBNL, SC01
LEDAS: Bit far out from KCAE

If you are interested, US Airways Express currently flies CLT-CAE.



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Whoops that was a very stupid mistake on my part. The one typo that I do not condone. Thx for pointing that out

I’ll be there, Cactus 135 :D

Will there be atc on this flight?

I can put out an inquiry. I don’t have any planned.

I assume you mean October 16 instead of September 16.

Fixed. Thanks for pointing this out :)

Since it is Boeings first event, I’ll try to make it! :D

Cactus 100.

What time is the event or have I missed it?

Not yet, its in 10 hours.

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The timing rules out your fellow Europeans :( it’s in the middle of the night for us :/

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Could someone make a post here please shortly before it starts - I still don’t get it when it will start my time 😅

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This is tonight? I live in the EST USA

It’s at 8;30 Central time, look it up for your time zone

9:30 PM EDT Friday night

@Furtive_masstwofourf @Jordan_ @Panth @Rotate @dush19 @b767fan @GolferRyan @Captain_DJ @hubandspoke1

Event is moved to Friday

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Ok thanks for telling us

I wish I could come but it is really early in the morning😞