[CLOSED] US Airways/American Airlines post-Merger flights @ KCLT - 221600ZAUG16

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Charlotte Region

Airport: KCLT

Time: 1600Z-1030Z (12:00pm-6:30pm Eastern Time Zone)

NOTAM: For a more realistic event, please use any US Airways/American Airlines aircraft. If ATC is available, please follow the instructions given to you

Hello everyone! This is my First Ever event that I have made! If I missed anything, please comment below so that I can fix it. I would like to start my first event dedicating flights with US Airways and American Airlines. I you all have time to come to my first event, thanks for viewing :)

Zulu time converter: http://www.timebie.com/std/zulu.php (If this is not the correct one, please link the correct one below, and I will copy and change it)

(Source: Google Images)


I got ATC for you.

Ah thanks! See you there tomorrow :)

I am not 100% sure though, I have to look at my house tomorrow.

Alright. If anything comes up, PM me and I’ll see what I can do ;)

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If anyone plans on joining, Make sure to comment to confirm that your entering the event :)

The event starts at 12:00pm!

Is it today?

@Bluepanda900 yup :)

I am joining the event at Noon.

alright, I’ll see you there

I’m coming… And also if you need atc, I can help you… And also, is us airways ending?

@Xpheros US Airways actually ceased operations last year. Oct 16, 2015. This is Post-Merger meaning US Airways no longer exists, and American is the parent company

Oh… I didn’t know that… Why?

Did American airlines buy us airways?

Ironically, US Airways bought American Airlines back in 2013 (I think) and they both agreed to be under the American Airlines brand.

I have changed the time from 5pm to 6:30pm, so I added another 1hr 30mins to the fun.

Start time (Unchanged): 12:00pm [1600Z]
End time (Changed): 6:30pm [1030Z]
All times are in Eastern Standard Time Zone

Event Starts now! :) you can join in at any time you’d like!

Geet minds think alike, ain’t that right @Daniel_Cerritos (or at least spawn near each other lol)

Another pic from the event…

@Bluepanda900 lol, Didn’t expect you too spawn in front of me :3