[CLOSED] Urgent Call for Help - USCG-IF Responds to Major Radiation Exposure(fictional) @ KBED - 171900ZFEB18

Region: Mid-Atlantic United States

Server: Casual

Airport: KBED

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: A nuclear ballistic submarine at New London, CT Submarine base has been sabotaged, releasing deadly amounts of radiation across Connecticut and Rhode Island.

USCG-IF Virtual has been responding to this major radiation incident, but simply does not have the personnel and airframes needed to evacuate all of the residents within the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We are calling on you, the IFC Community to help us save 4.5 million lives.

How can you help?

Grab a C130J (any livery) and report to KBED (Lawrence G Hanscom Field) to have a special experimental thermal radiation shield refitted on your aircraft. Once your plane has been modified, load your plane with 6 pallets of Potassium Iodide.

  • Take off from KBED (any open runway) and head to KGON (Groton-New London Airport). Drop off pallets and load passengers

  • Fly from KGON to KBAF (Barnes Air National Guard Base) and offload. KBAF has been declared an Emergency Evacuation and Trauma site, where victims will be evaluated and treated.

  • Once you have offloaded, take the short flight from KBAF to KFMH (Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod and load more pallets as they are offloaded from trucks and ships.

  • Return to KGOV and repeat as many times as you can.

In case this is ConfusingKBED-KGON-KBAF (ending location)
To do another run, go KFMH-KGON-KBAF (as many times as you can)

This operation will obviously go on for at least two days. When you complete a mission, please post on this thread for tracking purposes.

There will be no gates assigned to this event. Join us any time you can and as often as you can.


IFAF is answering the call. We have 3 C130 inbound as we speak with more committed later.


On my way this eavning, busy today, sorry😞

Great! Thank for the assistance!

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I’ll be able to join, but how about we do a chain of planes? ie one plane drops off pallets, another waits for him to land at GON and loads passengers going to BAF, and another waits for him to land at BAF to pick up pallets and head to GOV, where another plane picks up the pallets, etc. Also, there will be many rotations of planes so everything goes faster.

We have been dropping pallets and picking up all night. Right now the biggest need is getting victims out of KGON. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

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Ok will do, Ill be there!

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IFAF-1 on startup, inbound with ground support equipment for IFAF parking bays.

IFC showing a United front!


Actually I cant be there, i just remembered that i have another event. I would have joined this great event if not

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How long is the flight? I might be able to get a run in as part of IFAF.

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Each leg is about 20 minutes. so, not more than an hour for one full rotation.

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@anon57683537 This mission will be ongoing until at least tomorrow night

Oh. Well then I can probably get one done.

IFAE’s Global Air Force is thinking about sounding its scramble alarms sometime.

We’ll be there hopefully at event time.
//Brigadier General


@Nate_Schneller Thank you for your assistance

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Ohhhhhhhhhh in that case i can join but not until tomorrow because i have an event flying from SYD-LAX

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@AllegiantAir is gonna hop in his trusty C-130 and go help out!

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Give me a bit and I’ll be there. Is there a particular server?

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Look forward to seeing you out there @AllegiantAir

Now that’s what I call a creative event…