[Closed] United Virtual | Retro Event! @ KIAD - 251500ZAUG18


Server: Expert
Airport: KIAD
Time: 8/25/18 - 1500Z

US Time Conversions:

  • EDT - 11:00am
  • CDT - 10:00am
  • MDT - 9:00am
  • PDT - 8:00am

NOTAM: All pilots should behave in a professional and realistic matter. This event’s goal is to provide a fun and professional environment to celebrate the many years of flight service that United has provided.

Acceptable Aircraft:

  • United - CRJ 200 United Retro Livery
  • United Airlines - Boeing 767-300 United Retro Livery
  • United - Boeing 777-200ER United Retro Livery
  • United - Embraer 170 United Retro Livery
  • United - McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Continental Retro Livery

UVA Pilots: Any flights in the CRJ2 or the ERJ170 should be logged as a CRJ7 flight in the Crew Center. DC-10 flights can only be logged by Chief Captians and should be logged as a B744. Thanks!

About The Event:

United Virtual invites you to join us as we take a blast into the past and check out some of our older liveries. While United Airlines no longer uses these liveries, we wanted to bring them back for a retro event!

How To Join:

When requesting to join the event, please include the following information in the format shown below. Please refer to the acceptable aircraft list above when selecting your aircraft for this event. All routes for this event should be real-life United routes out of KIAD. We will fill be fill Gates C (United/United Express), Gates D (United Express), and Gates A (United Express) first.

All gate requests must be made before 1400Z on 8/24/18.

Request Format: (Gate Preference) (Aircraft) (Callsign) (Destination)


Gates Information:


A Gates - United Express

A1A -
A1B -
A1C -
A1E -
A1F -
A2A -
A2B -
A2C -
A2D -
A2E -
A2F -
A3A -
A3B -
A3C -
A3D -
A3E -
A3F -
A4A -
A4B -
A4C - @Jshnlsn (UVA-034) - CRJ2 to KEGE
A4D - @jakevaz423 (UVA-001) - CRJ2 to KEWR
A4E - @SpeedPlayz (UAL2302) - CRJ2 to KEWR
A4F - @MichaelSalvatore (UVA-124) - CRJ2 to KCLT
A5A -
A5B -
A5C -
A5D -
A5E -
A5F -
A6A -
A6B -
A6C -
A6D -
A6E -
A6F -
A15 -
A16 -
A19 -
A20 -
A25 -
A26 -
A31 -
A32 -

B Gates


C Gates - United & United Express

C01 - @anon36571935 (UVA-002) - CRJ2
C02 - @harmyd (UVA-045) - DC10 to EDDF
C03 - @Patrick_Gallagher (UVA-060) - DC10 to KCLE
C04 - @esant_15 (UAL221) - B772 to KORD
C05 - @mogbog (UVA-102) - B763 to KIAH
C06 - @TenMileJones (United 055) - B763 to KDEN
C07 - @CameronH21 (UVA-109) - B763 to KIAH
C08 -
C09 -
C11 -
C12 - @SkySki (UVA-127) - CRJ2 to KATL
C13 -
C14 - @gabriel_rocha (UVA-076) - B772 to EGLL
C17 - @Aalan (UVA-006) - B772 to EDDF
C18 -
C19 -
C20 -
C22 -
C23 -
C24 -
C26 -
C27 -
C28 -

D Gates - United Express


Special thanks to @Jshnlsn for helping plan this event!


@jakevaz423 what should we long for the DC10?

The DC-10 is equivalent to the B747 (in rank terms). Only Chief Captains can fly it. Thanks for reminding me! :)

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Gate A4F

(UVA-124) - CRJ2 to KCLT


C3/ DC10/ UVA060/ KIAD-KCLE Thanks!


Gate C5 Boeing 777 to KLAX

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Hello, jakevaz423!

I indeed like this event, and i may join, but i’ll see.
But here is a quick recommendation:

If you want to make your format of the event better,
put at the top of the post:

  <div align=Center>

This will align your text to be in the center, making it a better format. Thanks!

I will take that gate.

DESTINATION: EWR/KEWR (Newark Liberty Intl.)

Thanks in advance!

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Gate: C01, Aircraft: CRJ2, Callsign: UVA-002, Destination: Deciding (will be an irl United CRJ flight)


Can I get: gate C17, United B777-200ER Retro, UVA006, Frankfurt (EDDF)

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Actually 767 to KIAH same gate


@MichaelSalvatore @Patrick_Gallagher @mogbog @anon36571935 @Aalan Your Gates have been approved. Thanks for joining!


I am well aware of the “center” aspect of formatting. If you take a look at my other topics, you will quickly find that evident. I chose to format this topic without the “center” aspect, and I assumed everybody would be fine with it. If you want to give me tips, please do so in a PM next time. I’m always open to suggestions. If you would like to continue this conversation, feel free to PM me. If not, have a great day!


Jake :)


I’ll take a gate! CRJ2 - KEGE


@Jshnlsn Your gate assignment is above. Thanks for joining!

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I will take Gate C02, DC10, EDDF. UVA-045.

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Cool wish I was grade 3 I’m still G2

Can I have a gate in the B777-200ER Retro, callsign UAL221. Bound to KORD.

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I’ll take any appropriate gate from Dulles to Denver in a United 767


@harmyd @esant_15 Your Gates have been added. Thanks for joining!

@TenMileJones what callsign will you be using?

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I’ll be United 055 if that works


Hi, I am the [UVA-076] would like to book the
Destiny- KIAD-EGLL
Aircraft- B777-200ER