[Closed] United Airlines Flight @ KCLT - 241200ZSEP17


Disconectted during descent

@BenDrewittJones That stinks.

I was there taking footage! I didn’t fly with yall tho :(

I saw you! Do you have pictures or videos?

Yea… be right back though. I can get you a vid in about 10 mins!

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@InfiniteFlightGuy Great!

Do you mind if I upload this to Youtube as well? I could sponsor your VA

If i can get it…

@InfiniteFlightGuy I don’t own a VA but you can for sure upload it to YouTube!

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It isn’t letting me upload it: You can view it on Youtube in just a few minutes!

@InfiniteFlightGuy gotcha!

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Link is here, you can watch it when it’s uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6NtOdGa0nLvdqzU6iKHg9A

@InfiniteFlightGuy It’s on Steve Fly? I thought it would be on your Infinite Flight Guy YT.

Nono… there’s like two other people with that name lol

@InfiniteFlightGuy I see… Thanks!

Sorry… its taking a while. 5 minutes I promise lol

Uploading it right now… after an hour lol

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@InfiniteFlightGuy Awesome video! Just want to let you know that that event was in no way affiliated with United Virtual. Great job!

Thanks! Adding music… any free music preferences?