[Closed] United Airlines Flight @ KCLT - 241200ZSEP17

@Ryan_Farell Hopefully you can get one soon and then join the next event!

Yeah well I probably won’t get one till December at the least

Guess I won’t be able to join. :( Have fun though! :)

I’d like to be ATC (tower and ground) for landing at KSSC. If no one grabs ATC for KCLT by 1145Z-ish, I can man that one and then switch over to KSSC after everyone has taken off

Hello, Can you please get me a gate? I’ll be flying a 747. Thank you in advance.

Can I get a gate please? I’m not 100% sure I’ll be there but I’ll try my best.

@Canuck23 Ok great! I’ll put you down.

@LordDanz Sure! Your callsign will be United 007.

@DylanIE Hope you can make it! Your callsign will be United 008.

I‘d like to take part as United 009

@timCologne ok great! See you there!

Can I have a gate please

@Mackenzie_holmes Sure! Your callsign will be United 010

Can you confirm that the event will start at 13:00 CEST (12:00 Zulu)?!

Starts in little over an hour

@LordDanz Yes, the event starts at 1200Z.

I d like to join as United 1 6 3 please. Could you assign me a gate please.

@airbavaria For the sake of the event, could you please change your callsign to United 011? I’ll give you Gate A11. Thanks!

Of course. Will do thanks. See u in a bit

The event starts in just under an hour! You have 47 minutes left to join!