[Closed] United Airlines Flight @ KCLT - 241200ZSEP17

Server: Training Server

Region: Charlotte, NC

Airport: KCLT

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: It’s time for another United takeover! To join this event, you will have to fly in any aircraft with a United Airlines or United Express livery. (On some aircrafts, there are two United liveries. If you choose one of those aircrafts, make sure you choose the United Continental livery. Not United Airlines. Other aircrafts may have United Airlines and United Airlines(Old). In that case, choose the United Airlines livery.) A list of acceptable aircraft can be seen below. After you have joined the event by replying below, I will give you a gate and callsign assignment. We will be flying from KCLT to KSSC. We will also need ATC tower and ground at both KCLT and KSSC. If you would like to do ATC - please reply below with what airport and if you want to do tower, ground, or both. Please follow all ATC instruction, even if it diverts you from the flight route. The flight plan is shown below, or you can copy my flight plan. My callsign will be United 001. We will start pushbacks at 1210Z to make sure everyone is there. We will fly at a cruising altitude of 12,000 feet, at a speed of 300 knots. You cannot join the event after 1150Z. Thanks, and have fun!

Do not pushback until United 001 pushes back, and follow him!

If you happen to take any pictures or videos of the event, please post them below after the event

Do not leave after parking at KSSC so we can take a group photo. Try to park next to everyone else. Do not end your flight until United 001 does. Thanks!

Cruising Altitude: 12,000 feet
Crusing Speed: 300 knots

Acceptable Aircraft
Airbus A320
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 787-10
Boeing 787-9
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Flight Plan


To know what time 1200Z is in your timezone, use the link below.

Zulu Time Chart



Tower: Canuck23
Ground: Canuck23

Gate Assignments at KCLT
Gate A01: jakevaz423 - Callsign: United 001
Gate A02: harun_koyuncu - Callsign: United 002
Gate A03: Sam_Collis - Callsign: United 003
Gate A04: PrestonThePilot - Callsign: United 004
Gate A05: United_Airlines - Callsign: United 005
Gate A06: Chris_Carca - Callsign: United 006
Gate A07: LordDanz - Callsign: United 007
Gate A08: DylanIE - Callsign: United 008
Gate A09: timCologne - Callsign: United 009
Gate A10: Mackenzie_holmes - Callsign: United 010
Gate A11: airbavaria - Callsign: United 011
Gate A12: BenDrewittJones - Callsign: United 012
Gate A13: Pandastic - Callsign: United 013
Gate A14: James_Parker_dyer - Callsign: United 014
Gate A15:

More gates will be added if needed


Can i have a Gate please ?

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@harun_koyuncu Sure! Your callsign will be United 002. See you tomorrow!


Pretty sure I can do it.
I’ll take a spot and If plan changes I’ll update you.

ill be free
Could you sign me up

Thank You ! See You tomorrow ✌️😎

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@Sam_Collis Sure! Your callsign will be: United 003

Can I please have a gate?

@PrestonThePilot Sure! Your callsign will be United 004.

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I’ll be in a United 737-900

Morning or night ones?

I’ll definitely fly for this ;) give me a gate! I will be in a united 787 10

@Jack Ok! Your callsign will be United 005

@PrestonThePilot What do you mean?

Can I have a gate please I’ll fly a 737-900

@Chris_Carca Sure! Your callsign will be United 006

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Wish I could join…good luck and have fun!

@Ryan_Farell You can join if you want!

I don’t have a live subscription though…

@Ryan_Farell Well that’s a problem.