(Closed) United Airlines Dreamliner @ KDEN - 150600ZJAN18

Server: Expert Server

Region: Denver International Airport

Departure Airport: KDEN

Arrival Airport: RJAA

Departure Slot: 0600Z

Aircraft: Boeing B787-9

Livery: United Airlines

Expected Time Inflight: 11 Hours and 15 Minutes

We will be following the real flightplan made from this actual UAL flight DEN-NRT. So if you want to spawn in early and make the FLP you can go off of this without having to wait for everyone.

I never venture on flights longer than 4 hours because I hate leaving my iPad just running for hours and hours while I’m sitting trying to work and I end my iPad. But school starts for me on Tuesday and I won’t be able to enjoy vacation anymore with works of flying whenever I want.
So I thought I’d kick off the school year and the end to my Christmas vacation with my first ever long transpacific flight. You can come and celebrate this with me or just track us via LiveFlight if you can’t afford the time.


Vital Inflight Information:
Cruising Altitude: FL400
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.81

IFATC In Japan:

I didn’t even plan it this way but it comes out perfectly, that when we arrive into Tokyo tomorrow (or today if you’re already the 15th) we hopefully will have IFATC thanks to Tyler’s Schedule. Perfect timing.


B32: @Infinite.flight
B36: @Mike
B42: Rodger_Recker


I forgot to mention, that gates will increase or decrease in number if anyone wants to join or has to leave, at this point in time there is no limit to people joining us.

Next time you do an event, make sure to have more time between sign up and departure. You get more people!

Thanks for your help. There’s a specific reason I didn’t put this up until now.

Event pushback is in 4.5 hours.

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can you start it earlier

Wish I could, unfortunately I’m in Hong Kong, there is NO WAY I can make it to Denver before this starts.

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No sir I cannot. I need to be sure I am awake and ready to interact with IFATC if they are present. This puts at a landing time of 11 AM Mountain Time.

I mean if enough people would like it pushed back I can think about it :) but for now I plan on keeping it here so I’m positive I’m awake by the time I land. I don’t want to be sleeping lol when I’m supposed to be landing. If you get my drift.

To bad. Well thanks for thinking about it :) (I’m assuming in IF you’re in Hong Kong?)

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Exactly, and I would want to log the flight…

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Completely understood. Enjoy Hong Kong :)

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I did this flight when global came out and it took me 12:10.

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Thanks for the heads up :)

Pushback is in 45 minutes if anyone is interested.

i dont agree with this theory… i think you get more signups, but we’ve found at DLVA that with a 24-hour time frame (or even closer) we get more pilots that actually attend the event…

so pop up events are usually pretty good for activity


Well thanks for the support :) nice to see!

Darn, I might not be able to come :( I am about to land in KSJC and I don’t know if I would have enough time to get everything ready and depart within the next half hour.

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We are now only 50 minutes outside of RJAA. Thanks for Mike and Rodger for coming. I hope next time I’ll remember to set up in earlier thread. AS such, I’m excited for IFATC.

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Event was incredible! I’ll be setting up a more in advance event like this if anyone wants to join next time.

Crossing over the pacific into Japan (coming in for final to 34R)

The time LiveFlight worked…it worked amazing! I love this


  1. Most XP I’ve ever gotten in one flight since I started IF
  2. Longest flight I’ve ever done since I started IF
  3. First time I’ve ever left North America since global came out.

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