[Closed] UN General Assembly JFK Fly In (TS1) @ KLGA - 170000ZSEP17

What is the flight plan?

I might be a little late

Is the event still on?

I cannot make it, as things came up. I’ll post pone it until further notice.

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Can we just postpone it till Global then??

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Sooo is this just going to be forgotten?

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No, it hasn’t!

The event has been re-scheduled to Sunday September 17th @ 00:00Z (September 16th @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT)

Thank you!!! Finally!

I’m going in as the 747

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What r the gates? Going to be?

I’m at KLGA Gate 1 making the FPL

KLGPA gate 2! For me!

Keep in mind I won’t be on IFC for the entire flight

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The event is going to start in 22 minutes!

Yes it is, if winds change then fellow the traffic on unicom to determine which runway to land at in JFK

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Alrighty I’ll pushback at 5:00 on the dot

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Changing to gate 4 for space

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What’s the altitude?

No, if you’re representing US you can use AF1. I’m just doing it cause theres no Canadain Air Force Airbus in the fleet

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Cruise altitude 36,000 ft
Cruise = Mach 0.85

Climb @ 3200ft/min at 230knots until 10,000ft and 320knots above 10,000ft