[Closed] UN General Assembly JFK Fly In (TS1) @ KLGA - 170000ZSEP17

Servers are down right now but we are going to get an update

I’m at 35,000 XP points:)

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Hey which server is it gonna be I want to see it

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Expert Server. It says on the top @Redrobster2478

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39,000 XP GUYS!!! ALMOST THERE😇😇😇😇. Can’t wait to unlock expert server!


There’s been a lot of sign in issues lately. Hope it doesn’t affect the event

They should be fixed by now.

Oh there fixed, I just hope this doesn’t happen during the event

I have achieved grade 3

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Congrats! Hope to see you at the event! :)

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I am ready for that i am ready

Who will be ATC For the event?

If anyone volunteers, they’re welcome to! :)

IFATC doesn’t do events and its on Expert so nobody but IFATC can control.

Your always welcome to contact a higher up in IFATC though.

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Ok and Damian I have a set of violations so if they don’t go down in time for the event I won’t make it

Hey there, can I have a gate?
Coming from Taiwan, will fly our country airliner - China Airlines (747 or 777)


Can I plz get a gate I will have I American airline a321

Hey Damian. My violations are fine now. If I’m not doing anything, I will come in an 787 American Airlines, or i will come in an 747 VC(most likely 787)

What is the flight plan?

I might be a little late