[Closed] UN General Assembly JFK Fly In (TS1) @ KLGA - 170000ZSEP17


On Tuesday, September 12, 2017 the 72nd UN General Assembly will convene in New York. The General Assembly features a general debate, where world leaders are invited to discuss issues concerning the UN.

In the aviation world, this marks “New York’s Greatest Plane Spotting Week of the Year”, as aircraft of the heads of state fly into the region. To celebrate the UN and the “Superbowl of Aviation”, we’ll be flying VIP aircraft into the New York region. VIP aircraft tend to fly into JFK and EWR, and secondary aircraft (not carrying heads of state typically fly into SFW and ISP. For the sake of this event, we’ll all fly together (its more fun that way anyway :) ).

Feel free to represent your own country by flying an untitled version of their state aircraft. If you’re from the US you’re quite lucky, you have quite a few aircraft at your disposal ;) However, keep in mind that it would be quite bland if everyone flew VC-25s. So, if you’re representing Mexico, you can fly a Untitled 787-8. Also, some heads of state (like India & China) fly their flag carrier airline! If you choose to fly as a secondary aircraft, feel free to choose any untitled/ CCX. Cargo military aircraft (C-130s) also welcome as secondary aircraft.

Server: TS1

Region: New York Region

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Flight plan will be provided as the event nears.



What will you fly?

Being from Canada, we have the CC-150 Polaris (based on the Airbus A310). I’ll fly an untitled Airbus A330 to represent! ;)


As it is a bit far away…

I’m not sure I can make it. But if I do… It’s Australia for me! Or I’ll just be some aircraft like United that gets stuck on the ground freeze…


If you want @damian I can fly the f 18 to represent the c.f. 18 for an escort or the c 130 Hercules

For the first airport do you mean SWF?

Think we use an a330 for our special people in Britain… but I’ll probably come in an a318


Lol yeah, Stewart. My mistake.

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Stick with the C-130! Fighters don’t typically fly in

In the off chance global is out when this event releases, i’ll probably fly either an a330 EGLL-KJFK or a CCX/a318ACJ EGTK-KJFK


Darn I’m not able to use expert server yet but I have all of the other equipment

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I don’t have the air force one for this game and I am the United States so can I fly that F 22 raptor the F-18 or a generic version of the 747 Dash 400 or the 747–8 or whichever plan will work that will represent the United States of America if I can’t fly any of those can I fly the air force one version of the 757

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If i can make into the expert server in time I will be flying a Boeing 747-400 or VC-25

Being from India I have many options either the 747 or A321

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I’ll escort you in with a RAF 50 year anniversary C-130, I’ll talk to you at BAVA and we use a a330 based at RAF Braize Norton


I’m at 20,000XP points😇😇😇 only 20,000XP more to go! I think it’s almost safe to say I’ll make it to the event!

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Just keep flying🙂 and you’ll get there;) I’m working on it as well;)

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It’s on Sunday right?

Yes. Sunday Septemeber 10th!

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Hey Damian, why does the event have to be on the expert server? I’m just asking because I think most people who would want to attend wouldn’t be able to due to there grade level. Not trying to change the server but … just askin.

It’s to keep it professional, Like I hosted an event on TS1 last night and we needed up with some randoms ruining the experience for everyone’s by flying though the queues

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