[Closed] UK Airlines @ EGBB 271530ZOCT15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: EGBB-EGKK

Time: 1530Z

Aircraft: * Any aircraft with an English livery but not BA eg Thomas cook 757-200 or a Ryanair 737-800*

• Please let me know if you’re coming to the event also the flight plan will be posted 1 hour before the event.
•Pm me and I will tell you you’re gate and callsign.
•Please feel free to ask any questions you feel are necessary.
•Atc will be needed for both airports so please say if you would like to be Atc
•my callsign will be Ryanair 13
•cruise speed is 300kts and altitude will be 16,000ft

Here’s a list of airlines
Thomas cook: 757, 767
Jet2: 737-800
Thomson:757, 737-800
Ryanair: 737,800
Flybe: ERJ-195

Anyone coming?

No, I think that Josh does not want BA in the event :)

Look under the aircraft it says any aircraft with an English airline but not BA

And once again, I should try reading the first post. Sorry.


No prob are you going to come

Possibly. I’ll see what I can do but no guarantees.

Ok thanks 😀😁

Anyone going to come when it starts

Nah bruh. We gonna come when it ends…

I will start late, I will be on my way home from work when it starts.

Ok no prob what time will you get home because I can change the time
Of the event if you like

You can do that lol

I’ll get there at around 1530Z

Ok the event will start then.
@SAA_A346 you park at terminal 2 EGBB
@B767fan you park at terminal 3 EGBB

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What planes will you be flying

Can’t come. I don’t have London.

Ok no problem

@JDE1303 probably gonna be able to come. Parking spot please!