[Closed] U.S. Airways' Carolina Cruise @ KCLT - 111600ZFEB17

(This is not for a Virtual Airline, anyone can join! We are just using the U.S. Airways livery.)

Server: Training

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KCLT

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Hello all! I’ve decided to host another event due to the huge success of my first one. For this event, we will be flying in any plane with the U.S. Airways livery (other than the 757-200) for a nice Saturday flight from Charlotte in North Carolina down to Georgetown County in South Carolina, right on the Atlantic Ocean. I ask that you all not begin pushback until I (callsign Cactus 1523) begins as it gives us time to take screenshots. Then, takeoff from Runway 23 one by one. When the plane in front of you starts it’s takeoff roll, line up and wait on the runway. When the plane is airborne, you may begin your takeoff roll. After takeoff, climb to 10,100 feet at about +3000 FPM with a speed of 220 KTS (air speed). Once you reach cruising altitude, increase your speed to 280-300 knots (air speed). Once we are about 25 NM from the airport, begin your descent to 4,000 feet. Your descent should be around 220 knots as well.

Flight Plan:

The waypoints are listed along the left side of the picture. It can be copied from me (Callsign Cactus 1523) as well. Stay tuned incase the FPL changes, I based it off of forecasted wind conditions for Saturday.

Here are some local times the event will be at:
USA (EST): 11:00 AM Saturday February 11
USA (PST): 8:00 AM Saturday February 11
London (GMT): 4:00 PM Saturday February 11
Sydney (AEDT): 3:00 AM Sunday February 12

Gate Assignments:
Gate A01: Abhishek_Bhattachary
Gate A02: @Seb2104
Gate A03: @unitedfc
Gate A04: @Cpt.TC
Gate A05: @CaptainPlanet
Gate A06: Ooen
Gate A07: @danielwy
Gate A08: @Trevor_Miller
Gate A09: @Jake_Hiland
Gate A10: @Kevin_Potthast
Gate A11: Open
Gate A12: Dman4216
Gate B01: RTG113
Gate B02: Reggie_MacDuff
Gate B03: XxApolloxX
Gate B04: Open
Gate B05: Open

Reply below for a gate assignment. More gates will be added if needed.

If someone is breaking server rules at the event, like purposely crashing, acting like a dingbat, etc. please report them. If 3 or more people report a user then they are automatically ghosted.

The airport we are going to does not accept an aircraft larger than the A320, so the only planes we can have are the E175 and A320. However, both of those planes are paid, so if you don’t have any of those, I encourage you to purchase one. If you can’t for some reason, then you can use any American Airlines free plane.

Hope to see you there!


I’ll take Gate A02 thanks


Sign me up had fun last time.


I’m so in! Standing by for gate assignment!

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You have been assigned gate A05 :)


thanks for putting the times


Maybe we get lucky and get a couple of good controllers!

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Can I be in it please because I want to fly BIG aircraft!


Yes definitely! There are no propellor planes don’t worry ;)

I’m relatively new to the forums but hey man, sign me up. (I’m a grade 3 I assure you I won’t be a nuisance)


Yes, looks like fun. Please reserve a gate for me as well. Thank you.

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Your gate is gate A07 :)

Your gate is gate A08 :)

I think majority of the aircrafts coming to KGGE will be restricted. I almost got a violation when I came into land at the airfield

You’re right about that I just checked. So the only US airways planes that can come are E175 and A320

And not everyone will have those aircrafts either. You could try KAGS to the SW. I think the runway 17 - 35 is about 8000, OR you could try the other class Charlie airports?? As a suggestion


These events are good for me because they wake me up early and make me productive. Maybe you could start hosting weekly events same time same day.


Thank you very much!

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I want it to be along the beach. Georgetown is the only airport along the beach in that region. So it appears that the only US airways planes that can make it there are the E175 and the A320. A lot of people have the A320 so we should hopefully be good.

@Seb2104 @CaptainPlanet @unitedfc @Trevor_Miller @Cpt.TC @danielwy @Stmaarten1778 I am just tagging you in this to make sure you have either the embraer 175 or the A320. The airport we are flying to does not accept any aircraft larger than the a320. Both of those planes are paid, and if you don’t have one I encourage you to buy one. However, if you can’t buy any of those planes for some reason, you are welcome to fly in an American Airlines livery on a free plane.

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