[Closed] Tyler's 25th birthday surprise flight, Cessna 172 only event @ Denver 161800ZMAY16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Denver

Airport: All

Time: 1800Z today until 0400Z on the 17th.

NOTAM: Cessna 172 only. Even though it is on the free flight server we expect good behavior from everyone to celebrate @Tyler_Shelton on his 25th birthday!!

Everyone please join us today on this experience in the Denver region, feel free to fly wherever you want and maintain professional.

It will be a Cessna 172 event only to honor the airplane that @Tyler_Shelton is using for his PPL training.

Do not forget to make full use of Unicom and please show us your pictures in this topic!

If you only want to congratulate Tyler you can do that here as well, this is a non standard topic just for this special occasion.

Extra info:

Typical Cessna 172 speeds:

  • rotate: 60-65 knots
  • cruise speed: 120 knots
  • never exceed speed: 163 knots
  • landing speed: 65 knots
  • service ceiling: 13.500 feet.


We will put up a few possible routes you may like to follow a little later on! 😃


Happy Birthday! This is also kind of a birthday suprise for me to, as it is my birthday tomorrow! 😄


Happy Birthday, Tyler! Welcome to the 25+ club!


Happy Birthday Tyler! Hope you have a really good day mate. :)

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i will be nerd there

i am joking HB Tyler


Tyler, have a wonderful day! Hope your day is as good as you are. If that’s the case, you should have a fantastic one!


Happy Birthday Tyler.

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HDB Tyler and thanks once again for the great sim.

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Happy birthday Tyler. Enjoy

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Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to all these Cessna’s struggling to get airborne :D


Happy Birthday Tyler!

Sorry that I couldn’t come to this event :(((

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It hasn’t started yet?

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I’ll be there as soon as I get out of school!

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Happy birthday! @Tyler_Shelton 🎉🎉🎉

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That’s going to be fun!!! Happy Birthday Mister Shelton! ;))))

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Wow, thank you so much for organizing this @Aernout and everyone for the warm wishes! I can’t wait to fly with you all :)


Thanks @MishaCamp I just take the honor ;)


With all the C172 details.

Way to go Aernout

HBD Tyler