[Closed]Turkish Virtual | Night Flight @ WSSS - 281600ZJAN17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1600Z (aware timezone changes)

NOTAM: Hey Everyone it’s your CEO here and I am back with another daily event. We will be flying from WSSS to WMKK. Once we take off from WSSS we will be cruse to FL230. We will be 230 knots when take off and while cruising. After you hit over 10,000 come up to 345 knots. There will be a flight plan to copy from Turkish 01 Heavy!

Come with any of these following aircrafts with (Turkish livery)


(No cargo)


T3 Gate A01 = @ProMustafaTK Turkish 01 heavy
T3 Gate A02 = @Joshua_Aviation
T3 Gate A03 = @Thomas_Ralph
T3 Gate A04 = @eren_ersahin
T3 Gate A05 = @Kevinlu11
T3 Gate A09 = @Andrew2002
T3 Gate A10 = @Abhishek_Bhattachary
T3 Gate A11 = @ALFLONSO22
T3 Gate A12 = @Ricardo-acosta
T3 Gate A13 = @AppleOneGT
T3 Gate A14 = @ Rashid
T3 Gate A15 = @ Dossym_Makhanov
T3 Gate A16 = @ samuel_48
T3 Gate A17 = @ personmagic

More gates can be arranged if needed!!

Please no one push back wait for Turkish 01 heavy to pushback. Push back will be at 4:10 Zulu

Hope to see you there!!

Happy and Safe FLIGHT!!! :)

Turkish Virtual


Pls add me my call sing: TC-487

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Add me for the event. Thanks!

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Thanks hope to see you there

This story is repeated, I really want to join, but I have not been able to understand this format of dates and times. Could you tell me how it applies to Colombia. I join

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Ok For u Zulu time is -5 hours so our event is at 16:00Z so it will be 11 am for you in Colomia can you come now :)

Ok, please add my call sing toto123, 11am time in Colombia, remember day please. Thanks

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We dont add calsigns on this everyone can come with their callsign :)

Invite me to T3 Gate A09.

Got you down buddy

One gate please for Turkish 102

u are down thanks

I’ll join as Turkish 906 (777-300)

Is there any ATC

I will be there in a Boeing 777 or a321 in the gate A11

I can not attend an airbus a330-200 charge…???

I’ll have a gate!

Alright I put you down

Cargo plane event will be different please come with any of these following aircrafts with Turkish livery

Please add me as well somali Captain with calling Turkish 777 heavy

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