[Closed]Turkish Virtual | Exploring Amsterdam @ EHAM - 041600ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam & Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 16:00Z (beware timezone changes)

NOTAM: Hey everyone it’s your CEO and I’m back with another daily event. Sorry for the real late event. I was wondering to start a world tour but I’m not in waiting for global update to come out. Anyways in this event we will be flying from Amsterdam to Dortmund. We will cruse to FL21. Crusing speed is 230 knots under 10,000 than over 10,000 we will cruse with 330 knots. Once we reach 21,000 we will go with 345 knots.
Flight plan will be available to copy from Turkish 01 heavy
Feel free to come with any of these following aircrafts with Turkish livery

A330-200F (Cargo)

Estimated time of the flight is about 35 - 55 not known


K11 = @ProMustafaTK Turkish 01 heavy
K12 = @Joshua_Aviation Turkish 03
K13 = @Thomas_Ralph Turkish 02
K14 = @AVIONICS Turkish 04
K15 = @AB_Pilot. Turkish 05

K16 = @Liam_purcell
K20 = @ckc2000
K21 = @AppleOneGT
K23 = @pilo
K24 = @ Ricardo-acosta
K25 = @ Dossym_Makhanov
K26 = @ rohaim_khedr
K27 = @ Seth_Kaplan

More gates will be added if need.

Hope you come :)

Happy and Safe flight

Turkish Virtual


I’ll try to be there

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Ok thanks :) hope to see you there

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Add me up please 777-3

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You are down hope to see you there!

Turkish2092. 77-300. Please :)

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Welcome man i put u down in a minute

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Thank you.

You have written jan17 in the title. You might want to change it to feb17 to avoid misunderstandings.

oh yeah thanks for reminding me XD

I’ll come! Reserve me a gate.

Welcome check your gate above

Hop me in ur last event was cool@ProMustafaTK

Bende katılmak istiyorum,benide eklermisin.

I’m coming,add me please !

Thanks I add you seems like you enjoyed the last event

Alright I put you down have fun

I well be there in a Boeing 777-300

In a airbus a330-200 and my name is turkish 07

Sorry but can you take an callsign above Turkish 10 please 7 is our staff

Add me please too …

Alright 3 hours left check ur gate above