[Closed] Turkish Delight @ EGLL 011400ZJUN19

Hello folks, i am planning to arrange a group flight today. This is my first group flight request, and it will be trial for the future, so sorry for mistakes.

Liveries with cruise speed and alt: Turkish B737-900 (M.77, FL250), A321-200 (M.78, FL270), B777 (M.82, FL290)



Departing runway will be 27L or 9R depending to wind. No route restriction. Approaching runway will be preferred as 18C or 36C. It could be changed depending to Atc (appr or tower).

Please be ready at 13.55 at gates. My callsign is Turkish 007.

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image Iā€™m in the 777 callsign Turkish 528 heavy see u at EHAM when you arrive

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