[CLOSED]Turkish Airlines Virtual Inaugural Flight @ YSSY - 141700ZJAN17

Can I come? I love events in the Sydney region

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@Louis of course you can come

@Harris_Carvel u are down you have to come with any Turkish livery no a340 please. Thank you.

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no problem thank you and see u there

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Attention all pilots the event will be at 1700Z

Sign me please and give me gate

I will. Thank you for your support

5 hour left folks!!

Yes will still be attending

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Pls sign me in B777-300er

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Thanks you are in

We will be having at least 1 event per week pm me to join Turkish or go to the website on my profile

Can I have one gate please

Of course you can thanks event in 1:30 min

Copy that , thanks

Everyone spawn

Why on earth are you going to have ATC if these bad pilots don’t even follow ATC instruction. Half of you disobeyed when I told you to enter right downwind 21. This is going to be a horrible VA if pilots can’t even understand ATC

Please watch your language. We were following our flight plan so. Most of them aren’t even in my va please don’t say that. We were unable to do some of the atc

Thanks to everyone who attended our first Turkish va. Pm me if anyone is interested in joining the va