(CLOSED) Turboprop Fever with IFFO @ YSCB - 060800ZFEB16

IFFO welcome you to the weekly event, “Turboprop Fever”. In this event, you will have the opportunity to fly a Qantas 717 or BBJ from Canberra to Sydney. The aim of the IFFO Event is to fill the Sydney Region with activity for the Saturday night

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a Dash 8 launch event, nor do we know when it will come out. As the title suggests, this is just “fever” building for the release :)

Server: ATC Playground or Advanced Server

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSCB

Time: 0800Z

-Scenario: With excitement building for the first flight of the new QantasLink Dash 8-400, you are flying special guests to Sydney for the event. You can fly to Sydney however you like, maybe even stopping elsewhere to do more pickups? It’s up to you! Just ensure you follow all instructions issued by ATC (If available)
The event will be occurring primarily on the Advanced Server; however, you can also participate in the event on the ATC Playground or Free Flight Server
As per any event, there is not pattern work on the advanced server. Follow instructions issued by the ATC, and ensure that you are not idling on runways or blocking taxiways.
The event will operate from 7:00 onwards (AEDT). Conversions for your time zone can be found on the internet. Facebook also converts the event time into your local time.
An official flight plan for the event can be found in the images of our groups’ Facebook Page, or by finding “IFFO Founder” at the event. We encourage you to use the flight plan to allow for a fluid, enjoyable event, however you are free to do whatever pleases you. All flights will be slightly different due to ATC, however where possible it would be appreciated if you follow the flight plan.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your flight! IFFO look forward to more events and seeing you fly with us more often!

*Availability will depend on if a controller is online or if the controller can handle your vectors request

Will you be joining us?

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  • Yes, Advanced Server
  • Yes, Playground Server

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No problems, added to the initial post to help others :)

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Haha no not yet :) When the time comes you can in an event ;)

Event Starts in 3.5 hours. See you there!

Time to fly! See you at the event!