[CLOSED] TS1 YSSY Approach/Departure

Hello beautiful people of the Infinite Flight community.
I’m trying to improve my approach/departure skill so I’m on YSSY Approach and Departure untill ~1500zulu. Please come to Sydney region for a flight.
Feel free to tell me your comments 😃😃


I’ll come and fly a radar pattern - G-JOHN in the a318

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I’m just joining as ATC at YSCB, see how busy it gets!

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No need for speed command for N1TR. Use speed for spacing.


A few things:

Don’t wait for so long to give me a first vector - you told me to expect and then gave my vectors over 2 minutes after

Ignore velocity 2 2 5’s check ins and requests, they think you’ve forgotten about them

You gave me 2500 and then vectored me past the ILS cone and intercepted where it would be more suitable to intercept at 3000

You gave velocity the base vector at the same time as me, even when I was 3NM further out meaning he almost cut me off when I was established

You gave my final vector and clearance too late, I had no where near enough time to turn and overshot

You need to hand off (Frequency change > Contact tower/unicom) once we’ve successfully established on the localiser. We ended up getting onguarded by tower as we were 5NM out and still on your freq


I had connection issues and someone tuck approach

Thank you I’ll learn from your comments and I’ll try to implement them next time 😃😃

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I’m taking EHAM shiphol (Amsterdam region)aproach and departure because someone tuck the approach at YSSY

Thank you I’ll keep that in mind

Nice job. Too bad there weren’t more planes for you. Not sure when you crashed, but I received a clear with a turn and altitude, then a minute later received maintain altitude cleared command. A little redundant. I suppose the second clear may have been the guy that took over when you crashed.

As far as my approach, it was spot on!


And thank you for your time and detailed review

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Ummm… sorry this is lame… I don’t know how to close the topic. Can someone tell me how please 😂

Just edit [Closed] into the title. You don’t it closed forever, as you can use this thread for your future ATC openings. :)

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