[closed] TS1 @ KSEA.

this will be my second to last session on the training server as im in the process of becoming IFATC. all welcome to join and give feedback.

Wind: calm

Runways: departures and on 34R and arrivals on 34C. 34L will be for small aircraft


Wish I could come but im deadly tired right now :(

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Be there in a few…


wind update: 6kts at 070 degrees

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thanks for joining @cleipelt please read the NOTAM

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but in all honesty i was about to close any way.

Didn’t get the chance to see much of you since you left 5 minutes after I started up but there were some things I noticed.

I requested 34L due to fact that I was only doing patterns and you were using 34C and 34R for arrivals and departures. Was only trying to help you out and give you one less aircraft to sequence for those two runways.

While waiting to cross 34C you told me to hold short of 34R (?). Not sure if you meant to say cross 34C then hold short 34R but I just sat there until you told me to cross.

Towards the end you also told someone to line up and wait as I was on right base for 34R 😳 I’m in an F-14, I’m not a slow aircraft! Had that pilot actually did what you said and sat on 34R it would’ve resulted in lots of Jet-A being burned with my go around. You should’ve waited for me to do my touch and go or simply switched me over to 34C that way there wouldn’t be any conflicts.

Other than that good job and GL on your IFATC tests.

Forgot one more thing…

Make sure you know how much battery you have so your device doesn’t die mid session 😜

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yeah i was using 34R for patterns as well. i guess i shouldve also put that up in the first post. thank you for the concern. yes i meant to say hold short 34C. i had like 4 ATC calls come in all at once so it was slightly overbearing.

Don’t get stressed when hear or see more than several aircraft with requests and once. That’s when mistakes kick in. Also don’t over control. There’s no need to say “I’m sorry” when you accidentally told me to hold short of 34R. No need to tell one aircraft to “Avoid sending duplicate messages” when he accidentally requested taxi twice instead of once. Just slows you down and you’re not fully concentrated on getting the departures out and sequencing them between arrivals. I forgot to add that in.

Stressed controlling = poor controlling. If you can’t handle it at the moment, just log off and take a break. Then come back on a few minutes and try again. Sometimes that’s all you need to clear your mind

amen to that. im going to open up another session later tonight and have one last go at it on the training server. this session i was not in the zone at all and i know that contributed to some of the poor controlling

there were some other mistakes that you werent present for that i dont normally make.

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Remember to reach inside the neurons firing in your brain and use common sense. ;)

Making small aircraft land on 34L with no traffic has zero logic at all, especially considering the taxi time. Not to say that you would do it at all, but, and this applies for all trainees, be considerate. What’s the shortest and most beneficial route for the pilot while exercising the minimum required safety standards?

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