[Closed] TS1 - EGKK Ground and Tower

I’m at EGKK running ground and tower right now! Practicing for being part of IFATC (one day). So come on down! I’m using 08R for arrivals and departures, and if it gets packed I might divert some smaller planes into 08L

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Coming out if you are still there

Had a problem, and I couldn’t tell the KLM 767 to do anything on Tower. Had to shut it down. Sorry guys :(

  1. sequencing, sequencing, sequencing!!! I made 4 touch and goes and never get any sequencing.
  2. When ask for pattern work no need to give pattern instruction, only sequence and clearance for option
  3. When you give clearance for option, no need to give every time pattern instruction (right/left traffic)
    Hope this will help.
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Thank you! Which callsign were you?

My call sign is Croatia 1

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