[Closed] TS1 ATC training @ KMIA

Come test me for my IFATC practical on Monday!

(Florida, Training Server 1, Tower/Ground)

See you there!


App kicked me I’m not sure why

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Thats fine ; no worries

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I only had time to do one pattern, followed by an awful landing. I’d say you did a great job controlling!


Thanks although there was hardly anything you could do to test me :-)

Coming in hot with some awesome feedback! Its your boi, Jack!

Show me coming with a BBJ 737
Callsign: ExecJet 8 0 2

here come dat boi!!! see you there

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I would suggest a runway change… Also will be something that you will need to be able to do for the practicle

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Sorry had to leave. Been open for 45 minutes

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So from what I could get…

Very good job with controlling (From what I could see)

#Some Things To Bring Up:

  1. You cleared me to early for a touch and go (In my opinion)
  2. You should try to do a runway change (It really makes it intense)

Just those things from the 5 minutes! Good Luck! :)

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It doesn’t really matter if there’s like 2 people in the airspace and no inbounds. If it was really busy, you would need to make sure you’re not clearing people before others should be cleared, to avoid confusion.


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