[CLOSED] [TS1] ATC Tracking Thread @ TAPA

Come down for some circuits or a flight!
Please comment feedback as I am taking my Practical Exam soon!

Airport: TAPA (Caribbean Region)

Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Est. Time at Airport: 30 minutes

Open/Closed: Closed


Be there in ten; call sign NIX2545

One big thing. Also in the future I suggest you get feedback from IFATC only, which I am not.

  • You gave me very late clearance. I was executing a go around because I got so close with no clearence. At latest clearance should be given on final base. (I had this problem too.)

Thanks for your feedback, I have done this a few times, I keep forgetting, I’ll definitely keep trying to rectify this issue on my part.

Don’t worry about it too much. I did the same thing, but once I focused on it I found it quite easy to fix.

Actually the latest a landing clearance can be given is prior to crossing the threshold. It’s a good idea to give landing clearance fairly late so you know the Aircraft can land. If you have no landing clearance and you cross the threshold, you go around.

However don’t give someone a landing clearance when they are at 200ft…

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Thanks for the clear up, sorry about that. Still that clearence he gave me is when I was on final at sub 500 feet.

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A little late but not illegal, Wouldn’t advise doing a go-around for it.

No it was my bad I have just been told off by IFATC for not giving clearence early in my own sessions.

Now open at PHKO in the Hawaii Region!

On my way :) Hopefully you do Great :)

Now open at Singapore Changi Intl. (WSSS)

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Thanks all for coming!
Here’s a photo:

Now open at WIBD Ground & Tower in the Singapore region!

Now open at TAPA, please leave feedback as I am taking my practical exam soon!

Great controlling! 👌

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He isn’t closed though m8, see for yourself.

Oh, sorry. Small misunderstanding.

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