[Closed] TS1 ATC practice @ KOSH

Oshkosh Region.

Come test me as I operate T&G for a little while!

Recommend that you come in a GA aircraft.

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Coming in the cirrus ! callsign V-NEO


@Neeson52 please report the… guy… with inappropriate callsign

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Changing aircraft, to much wind for a cirrus.

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Haha nice crash @Neeson52

Winds are strong!

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Oh no grade one with 4 landings and 76 violations 🤦‍♂️

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@Neeson52 and @GHamsz please report Delta 326 and N756WF

Sorry I have to go, Great controlling tho !

@SF34 we do not report pilots on TS

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Oh ok because they can’t get ghosted?

I’m pretty sure you thought I was drunk on that takeoff. But the winds were so strong it shift me to the right of the runway

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I saw you. I way castle aviation 581

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Haha… I went to exercise ATC, but the winds were such that it was all I could do to stick the landings! 😂

The one comment I have is to give the landing clearance as soon as it makes sense. No sense waiting till someone is on short final before clearing. You obviously know long before, that it’s clear to land.

When I’m the only one (or obviously #1) in a pattern on a runway, pattern entry, then clear. Once you give me pattern entry, I’m free to turn base whenever I want, so holding off the clear isn’t doing anything for you. On the contrary, it’s one more thing you have to remember to do.

Otherwise, nice job.

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