[Closed] TS1 ATC Practice @ KORD

I’m trying out some Approach since I have been researching how to use it and would like some practice!

Also other services are open below:

Tower and Ground: @Balloonchaser
Approach: @Reese

Active runway for Approaches: 10L

If you would like to take departure/center please do, otherwise come fly!

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Ill take Tower and Ground if its still open

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It is still open @Balloonchaser.

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Still open? Coming now if you are

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Yes we are open!! :)


coming as G-JOHN, probs in the cirrus

Ok I have to leave.

see you guys

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Sweet! Coming in as UAL62 In a B737-900.Coming in for patterns as @SF34 closed.

then put closed in the title

@Balloonchaser is still active, @Insertusernamehere

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if you reply to me you don’t need o tag me, i just get 2 notifcations

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Feedback here or in pm?

If its for Reese… Here or PM

If its for me… Either way; Here or on my Topic; or PM

My Topic link: [CLOSED] ATC at TNCM Tower (TS1) Caribbean

I’ll post it in your topic then. Thanks.

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KORD TOWER, GROUND, and APPROACH IS NOW CLOSED! GOOD DAY (Someone update topic) as Reese if AFK)

Im open now at TNCM

Cool! I’ll open approach at TNCM

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Sorry about the poor vectoring at KORD ;)

Trust me… Im actually descent

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No problem, understood. Opening now.Handle departing aircraft to me please

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App crashed, this was a nightmare! Evryone spamming unable and switching frequencies when not told to.Only sucessfully vectored an aircraft the C-130.

Open a new topic guys if you open somewhere else, in this case TNCM.

I updated the topic to closed.