[Closed] TS1 ATC @ PHKO


NOTAM: Please follow instructions! Airliners please spawn at Terminal, while GA aircraft please spawn at GA parking.

Please Runway 17 for arrivals!!!

Time: Starting Now!

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: Kona Int’l at Keahole (PHKO); Hawaii
Services: Tower and Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling, positive or negative, in the thread below!


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Thanks for coming @Neeson52 XD

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Great controlling, sorry i didn’t listen the messages you gave to other people. So I’m going to give feedback on the commands you told me.

  • Grounds ops were perfect ! You told the other aircraft to hold position while he was pushing and I was taxing.

  • When you clear me for the option no need to say left/right traffic since I know which traffic to make. You only say left/right traffic when requesting a runway change, when someone is inbound for touch and go or you just want to change the side of traffic.

Hope I can assist to your next controlling session :D


Thank you! I never knew that about left/right traffic. I will take it into practice!

(ATC is closed! Thanks for all the feedback @Neeson52!)