[Closed] TS1 ATC @ KPIA

Time: Starting now!

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: Peoria Int’l ; Chicago, IL Region

Services: Tower and Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling, positive or negative, in the thread below!


Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be there.

No problem @Boodz_G!

What I just did was a stop and go :)

Lol ok is that even a real thing?

It sure is!

Oh! Ok! Never seen that… weird.


On my way!

Aircraft: Private ERJ-190
Callsign: N539XA

Thanks @Balloonchaser! The more the merrier!!!

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@Boodz_G make sure you report “Full stop” when you are landing, not doing a touch and go.

You’re ATC was perfect! Just that little part of stop and go that you didn’t know. Sorry I had to leave.

I didn’t now I had to leave, sorry, it was at the last second.

Thanks for the input @Boodz_G! I will look into Stop and Go:)

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No problem I’ve had to do that countless times also

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N539XA Squawking 7700… NVM You left. :/

Remember that the option can mean a stop and go, touch and go, full stop or even a low approach, so make sure not to sandwich aircraft together thinking they’re doing a touch and go

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