[Closed] TS1 ATC at KSJC

watch out for JP-GA, he’s trouble

Is he not contacting you or is he just being a full blown noob?

both :/ mostly blown out noob though

BTW approach is not active anymore, but airspace is clear, so you’re good to just fly some patterns

Roger that; N539XA!!!

now he’s just being a full on jerk. He just pulled on to the runway and won’t budge

Nice landing! Very smooth

@Balloonchaser do you want to go fly in Hawaii on Expert?

I was able to land… So… Well Yay!!! Hey, my landing might not have been centered… But Hey! We are alive!

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Never mind Hawaii… How bout we fly on Expert in Seattle?

Name the aircraft and where… Ill meet you on expert!

Actually… Might buy Seattle…

Yeah buy seattle its a cool region

we would have to fly a 737 because its FNF there today

Got it! Ill do some (B737 MAX Test flying in a B739 or something…)

Ok so lets meet at KSEA. You take B04, I’ll take B06. Lets fly to KPDX.

My callsign will be Delta 1887.

Please, try your very best to disregard using terms such as “fillers” on the official [Infinite Flight Community] (https://community.infiniteflight.com/) in its entirety.

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Ok I’m sorry won’t use it anymore

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