[Closed] TS1 ATC at KSJC

Time: Starting now!

Airport/Region: KSJC ; San Francisco, CA

Server: Training Server 1

Services: Tower and Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling, positive or negative, in the thread below!

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@Balloonchaser sorry did you request departure to the north?

N539XA to SJC Tower;

My Intentions are as followed. Because of my aircraft size and the first rough landing…

Im going to come around in for another attempt to land. If I cant touch down with those crosswinds; Im going to contact Approach and hold FL120 over ZOLVA. Until further.

Shamrock 181’s Landing. Could he Handel it?

No… I was trying to click go around… :}

ok no problem (filler text)

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wow, so many noobs on the ground

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watch out for JP-GA, he’s trouble

Is he not contacting you or is he just being a full blown noob?

both :/ mostly blown out noob though

BTW approach is not active anymore, but airspace is clear, so you’re good to just fly some patterns

Roger that; N539XA!!!

now he’s just being a full on jerk. He just pulled on to the runway and won’t budge

Nice landing! Very smooth

@Balloonchaser do you want to go fly in Hawaii on Expert?

I was able to land… So… Well Yay!!! Hey, my landing might not have been centered… But Hey! We are alive!

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Never mind Hawaii… How bout we fly on Expert in Seattle?

Name the aircraft and where… Ill meet you on expert!

Actually… Might buy Seattle…

Yeah buy seattle its a cool region

we would have to fly a 737 because its FNF there today