[Closed] TS1 Approach ATC Practice @ KCLT


I will be running approach for a while at KCLT. All arrivals on the ILS will be vectored to 18R.

Tower and Ground: @Twocflyer


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I’m taking tower to help you out!

Hi @American232,

No offense at all, but IFTSATC @Twocflyer was going to take the spot. Could you be nice enough to let him use Tower? If you’re experienced enough, you can take Center!


I just backed out. Tell him to take Tower.

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Thanks so much! Sorry I will try to get you in next time, and if Twocflyer leaves I’ll tell you to come!

I will be there in just a minute!

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No worries, didn’t mean to barge in, just figured you were solo so I’d help. It’s all good. Cheers


What he do wrong? 20 characters

You left. We were waiting for you to close but you left so we closed.

I never left. It must’ve been a connection issue.

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