(CLOSED) Tropical Flight @ L35 - 282100ZAUG16

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: L35

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Everyone will take off at L35 in a Q400 and we will head down to San Diego (KSAN) and do a touch and go there, then we will fly to Catalina island (KAVX) and do a touch and go there too, then we will head to Los Angeles (KLAX) and land there, then we will take a group picture.
Cruising Altitude,Speed:
L35-KSAN: 12000 Ft, 270 Kts Air Speed
KSAN-KAVX: 8000 Ft, 250 Air Kts Speed
KAVX-KLAX 6000 Ft, 250 Air Kts Speed
Flight Plan:

Happy Flying :)

Event sponsored by Big Bear Virtual Line L.C
Thanks to Lequestion for the idea!


Will you consider hosting the event on the expert server?

NOOO, then some people can’t join

I will be there [hopefully]. N556PU.

great!, see you there

Am I the only one

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probably not there’s still 2 more days until the event

Oh I thought is was today, I guess I might not be able to do it because I will be on a flight. Whoops, should have looked closer.

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lol ok no problem

i can change it to Sunday if you want :)

No, it’s fine.

How do I join your airline. Your website says join but when I click it nothing happens

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Just contact me on a pm

I’ll send you a pm

event is changed to Sunday

1 more day!

I will come

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5 more hours!

ill be there

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Great see u there!