[Closed] Troops Holiday Support Flight (ICG Sponsored) @ KSWF - 060000ZDEC15

Alright guys so this weekend is the next ICG sponsored Public Group Flight (PGF)! This weekend’s group flight is one for this upcoming holiday season! And also one that brings our beloved troops who have risked their lives to keep us all safe during the holidays into the picture! This weekend’s scenario PGF is transporting presents to our troops from their families! And then transporting presents from the troops back to their families! We depart from our starting airport, land at an air force base, park to unload our cargo then load back up with the cargo going back to the families (maybe take some pictures, time permitting )and then return back to our original airport to deliver the new cargo!

Time/Date: 00:00Z December 6th

Flight Plan: copy mine or take it from the pictures

Departure/Arrival: KSWF-KWRI (unloading and loading of cargo)-KSWF

Aircraft: B777-200F (preferably fedex/southern air to go with scenario but thats up to you)

Cruising Alt/Speed: FL220/350Kts

Region/Server: New York/Advanced

NOTAMS: Rate of climb is 3000fpm/descent is 2000 fpm/ first descent is at fix CREEL/ second descent is 65NM away from our return to KSWF

ATC services will be needed if interested, please do not hesitate to ask! Anybody and Everybody is welcome!

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Just a bump as a reminder for this event! anyone and every is welcome come to a flight to show support for our troops!

I’m not an American, but I do support the American Army, Air Force and Navy since Australia and America have close connections. I’ll see if I can make it.


Event starts in 1 hour everyone lets make this a good one!

Event starts now