[CLOSED] Tri-State Area Guided Tour @ KOXC - 011522ZMAY16

Server: Advanced

Region: Tri-State Area (New York)

Airport: Starts and concludes at KOXC

Time: 1522Z-1644Z (arrival time is slightly overestimated in case of late arrivals)

NOTAM: Show up in Croatia A319s or Croatia Dash 8s

Last week, I wanted to do this exact same event, but the timing was horrible, that it conflicted with @B767fan’s event, and nobody came. I’m re planning the entire event for this upcoming Sunday. It doesn’t look like it’ll conflict with anyone’s event this time.

This Sunday, show up in either of the specified aircraft unless unable to, briefly prior to 11:22am NY time, when the tour leaves. I’ve planned a flight plan and schedule, where at each airport, we touch and go at each of them, which saves a lot of time. We’ll only go 160 kts, and touch and go at the following airports.

KOXC(Start @ 1522Z): @hubandspoke1
KLGA: @hubandspoke1
KOXC(End no later than 1644Z if standards stay the same):

The event will take at least 1 1/4 hours. If possible, if you’re a participant, have forums open frequently during the event, where I’ll post updates on what sights we’re passing with photos.

To finish, I’d like some ATC. If I don’t get enough Advanced ATC participants per airport, I’ll assign some or all of them to multiple airports. If you’re willing to control ATC, post here. If you’re willing to be an event participant, post here.



I can control KLGA

You’re on the list! Thanks for participating!
Log on around 1525Z the day of event.

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Just remind me a couple of hours before the event so I can get there early :)

I will come

Cool, show up at any KOXC gate at 1515Z tomorrow.

Would you like me at a bigger airport or KLGA is fine? @C_Baccari

You could just control KLGA, maybe last minute ATC will control.

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I think all we need is one or two larger/smaller airports and other controllers will come. @Henrik, @Carson, you guys are great controllers would you be interested?

By the way, I will be there. Is there a specific gate in need?

I know your thing says use Croatia, but can I use an a380 so it’s like one of the double decker bus tours they give in NYC?

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No, KOXC is a small airport. It does have parking spaces, it used to not but now does, pick any one.

That’s a hard decision. Do you have the A319 or Dash? Because then you have Croatia on it. I’ll think about it.

I’ve got Live+ but still, who doesn’t love a good old New York City double decker bus tour?

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Use the generic livery and you’re fine.

Yes! Thank you! I’m making sure it’s gonna fit at the airports we fly to.

There’s no need to assign parking, it’s a pretty small airport. However I’ll find a parking spot specified for me.


Ok, if you see me not touching down, it cause I can’t fit on the airport😂😂😂