[Closed] TravelSky | TropiHop @ PHTO - 302100ZAPR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Hawaii Region

Airport: PHTO

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may differ due to wind conditions on the day of the event.

Hello again everyone :)
I am happy to announce that TravelSky Airlines will be hosting the TropiHop event this coming Saturday!

The event run down is the following:

As a group, we will take off from PHTO and fly our first leg to PHOG. There we will do a touch and go, and then continue on to PHNL which will be our final destination.

The aircraft used for this event will be any of the embraer family.

The planes must be flown in the generic livery. Anyone who is not a pilot for TravelSky can use whatever callsign he wants. All Travelsky members will fly the callsign TSK52 flight of x (We will sort this out in the TSK chat).

Flight Plan:

This is just a crude Flight Plan for visualization. At the day of the event, I think it would be best if I made a flight plan somewhat resembling this one, and everyone copied it.

I am looking forward to seeing Hawaii teeming with Embraers on Saturday :)
Post below if you will be able to make it.

TravelSky Event Organizer/Planner


Wish I didn’t have to miss this ;-;


aww that sucks. Why can’t you make it?

I’m in Iran right now, and will probably be asleep when the event is taking place.

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Try using PHMU. It’s not known well and it has a hill like St. Barts.

I can provide ATC service at PHOG

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I’ll have to try that out :) Will you be able to make it to the event?

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that would be great :)

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I should be. The hill is on approach for runway 22. Even though it’s not used commercailly it’s still nice to fly in a Hawaiian B717 and only just make it to the ramp.

P.S. It’s kinda short of parking spaces. There are only two gates - directory off the runway.

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Great…what callsign will you be using?

btw…you’ve peaked my interest about PHMU :) I’ll go check it out later

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I only have one callsign…

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@Liam_Williams @B767fan @The_simulation_nerd @BavariaAVIATION @Benny87654321 @IceBlue @Hamza_Adan @Captain_Dan @Winner580 @Aviationluver

come on guys


I’ll be there anyway :)

and if we are more than 10?
TSK1052 :)

Then i’ll have to think of something else. If we are more than ten, everyone can use their own callsign and do the PIREP dor TSK52 :)

Why not go with pilot numbers? For example: I would be TSKP2, grx could be TSKP1, Bavaria could be TSKP3, etc.

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what do you mean by that?

Read above, I edited to add it. On the website, you can find the pilot list in order of when they joined. Add numbers, and assign TSK attendees accordingly.

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oh yeah, we could do that

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I will be there, just I will be controlling the chaos that will come at PHOG :)

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