[Closed] TravelSky | Mountain Expedition @ KASE - 141900ZMAY16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Denver Region

Airport: KASE

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may differ due to wind conditions on the day of the event.

Hello and welcome to yet another Travelsky Airlines event. This weeks event will take us through the twisting mountains of the Denver Region. For this event, the group will take off from KASE and fly to KDEN, while maintaining the lowest altitude possible. Although there is a set flight plan, all participants can decide for themselves how low they want to fly (This is completely at the pilots discretion! Just make sure to fly to KDEN). Everyone can come in their own personal callsign.

The plane used for this event will be the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 (The plane MUST be flown in the generic livery)

This is a rough flight plan (At the beginning of the event, I’ll make a final flight plan, which everyone will/should copy.)

TravelSky Flight number: TSK79

If you are able to attend, please leave a quick notice down below.
I hope to see a lot of you there :)

Travelsky Event Organizer/Planner


Event post now on TravelSky forum und website. Good job!

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Sounds fun, will try to make it

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#The event starts in about 2 hours!!!

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1900Z is in one hour.

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#Event countdown: 30 minutes to go until the event start starts!

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Expect me to come 5-10 minutes late, I will try my best to be on time though!

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See you guys there :)

@Aviationluver can we leave at 1910Z to make sure Bavaria can make it?

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yeah I was planning on doing that anyway :)

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I’ll spawn in in a couple mins and wait :)

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i’ll do the same. I have still have to make the flight plan

#The event starts now! We will depart 10 minutes 1900Z!

Guys I’m on time.
Spawning at exactly 1900Z :D

Hoooooly… 17G28KT in a Dash 8, you can’t do this to us :D

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We’ll have to try… :/

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It’s only 7kts in KDEN though :)

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Sorry guys had to leave so I thought I’m gonna do it in style. Maybe controlling later somewhere.

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Ahh no I was preparing my death message to go on here…

Great event @Aviationluver, we really filled up Denver :)

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#Thank you to everyone who came! I hope you had a great time :)


Thanks Ice. Yeah we did. I feel bad for the controller at KDEN who had to deal with all of us coming in as a group ;)