[Closed] TravelSky | Introduction of the Boeing 787-10 @ KSAN - 131800ZAUG16

Server: Expert Server

Region: SoCal

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may change due to weather conditions

Hello again everyone,
with the introduction of the much anticipated Boeing 787 into Infinite Flight we here at TravelSky Airlines have been busy making plans for the introduction of this great aircraft into our fleet. The Boeing 787-8will be replacing the Airbus a340-600 once Global Flight has been released. Anyway, we are not here to talk about our fleet, but to celebrate the new Boeing 787 ;).

The group will depart KSAN, and will be doing a little test flight over to KLAX airport. The flight plan will take us over the beautiful island of San Clemente (no we will not be landing at San Clemente International Airport ;)), and then into the Los Angeles Bay, where we will be landing at KLAX.

The plane in use for this event will be the Boeing 787-10, HOWEVER, if you do not have that aircraft available to you, feel free to come in whatever aircraft you like.
Remember: All aircraft must be flown in the Generic livery!

This flight plan will be subject to change.

For TSK pilots: Flight number: TSK4

Every participant should come in their personal callsign!

I hope to see a lot you at KSAN at 1800Z on the 13th.
Enjoy the new update :)

TSK Event Organizer/Planner


I’ll try and be there!

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Will surely come!

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Can’t wait to come!

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I’ll most likely be there …

Can I make gate assignemnts?

Sure, knock yourself out :)

Gate 1: @Aviationluver
Gate 1A:
Gate 2: @hmkane
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7: @Captain-Camron
Gate 8: @PlanesForLife
Gate 9:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:

Reply to this if comment for gate assignments.


Is this only for Travel Sky members?

I’d love to pop in and maybe bring some of my pilots along.

Get back to me

This is an event for everyone who feels like joining in. Just remember to come in the generic livery ;)

I’ll take Gate 1.

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;) of course

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#The event begins in 10 hours!

I’ll be there guys! (Or should be, as long as other events don’t come up)

I’ll take A2.

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The event starts in 2 hour 25 minutes! Get ready everyone!

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I can’t wait!

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@AmericanAirlines, you own the 787-10?

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