[Closed] TravelSky | Great Boeing Adventure @ KBFI - 201900ZJUL16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Seattle Region

Airport: KBFI

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may differ due to wind conditions on the day of the event

Hey everyone,
I have finally finished all of my exams, and a TravelSky event is long overdue! This event will be a tribute to Boeing, and will take place at KBFI in the Seattle Region (KBFI is an airport in the greater Seattle area where Boeing test fly their aircraft). This flight will take us from KBFI down to KPDX.

The flight plan will lead the group out of the Seattle region, and along the beautiful West Coast, all the way down to KPDX (Portland Int’l Airport).

For this event all participants MUST fly a Boeing aircraft (Any Boeing aircraft is permitted)
Remember: Since this is a TravelSky event, all aircraft must be flown in the generic livery!

This is a rough flight plan (At the beginning of the event, I will make a final flight plan, which everyone will/should copy)

Travel sky Flight number: This is a non TSK flight

As always, if you are able to attend, leave a quick notice down below.
I can’t wait for this event, and I hope to see lots of Boeing aircraft fill the skies of Seattle :)

TSK Event Organizer/Planner


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As long as your flying on a Boeing aircraft IRL, you’re all set ;)

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Another Seattle event?

Also do they always have to be Saturday evenings?

Still, event hype ;-P

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I can’t remember when the last Seattle event was. Suggest another day of the week, and i’ll consider it ;)

Aww that’s too bad.

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Hmmm… what about a midweek Weds or Thurs?

Probably because the last one I remember was Mt Rainier tour, but I think I missed a couple.

Still counts ;)

yeah, I think you’ve missed a few. There have been a few TSK events since the last Seattle event :)

Count me in, gonna pop up in the triple 7.

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Another region that I don’t have. @Aviationluver, @BavariaAVIATION, if you want more pilots to come, I sugesst you make it a free region.


Nice one! Love flying the Airbus’ at Boeing Field 😉 I’ll probably be there in a 737.

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We’re shifting regions at every event, but all free regions we operate in are Amsterdam and SoCal, so we can’t always take a free region.

Okay, well, I don’t think I can make this event (even if it was a free region). What day is this event?

Especially the A333 factory livery ahahahaha

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July 2nd is a Saturday, so the 9th will be one, too.

I can promise you that the next event will be in a free region😉

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This event is today!