[Closed] Trashin' Tacoma- Take Two @ KSEA - 031600ZAUG15

Status Update: The 34 runways are closed, due to wind. The 16s are only available for now. Sorry!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Seattle, Washington

Airport: KSEA

Time: 1600Z (now) -1900Z (for three hours)

NOTAM: Okay, I’m returning back to Seattle today for another event. I especially enjoy SeaTac Airport, so I want to delve a little more in there. I’ll do a different event tomorrow, but we’ll do SeaTac for today.

One of the changes is runways. As @Laurens was very kind to point out, SeaTac uses the 34 runways for their main operations, wind permitting. This helps me a lot, since, well… For some reason, everything felt inverted yesterday.

Anyhow, hop on and have fun! I’ll be on for three hours!

Runway Assignments:

34L/16R: Pattern work
34C/16C: Arrivals/Landings
34R/16L: Departures/Takeoffs

Enjoy! And as always, remember, I might crash sometimes. Just be patient as I hop back on presently!


Well, watching at the current traffic flow around SeaTac, today they seem to use the 16rs :D

Not too many pilots out there on Monday…

Yeah. Weird stuff… Nearly silent, as compared to the heavy traffic yesterday. I was shocked!

Too bad I missed it. Just for an fyi, KSEA always used the 16 runways, unless the winds don’t allow it.

Here is a map of the actual routes used by airlines between KSEA and KPDX, it includes the waypoints, headings, speed and altitude requirements as shown on the HAWKZ FOUR AND HELNS FIVE STAR and approach plates.
The runways shown are the ones that are most frequently used, so chances are good that for any given event, these will be the active runways.
(Things get a bit more unpredictable starting mid September starting with low visibility foggy mornings and continuously changing gusting winds during the afternoons.)

Feel free to use this map for future events. If I am not working, will join you all :)

@Thomas_Hense Really? Weird. I’ve had some people tell me that the normal operating runways were the 34s. Conflicting information here… but thanks for the helpful tips! Runway usage will indeed depend on how the weather wants to cooperate, however. I remember having the winds shift runway usage three times during the event… Kind of annoying each time.

It’s the only region I have been flying since Live came out (about 300 hours) . Tried the others, but they are boring compared to Seattle.
Last December I started flying the real world routes following the actual Alaska Airlines flight between KPDX and KSEA using flightaware.com and LiveATC, so I am pretty familiar with the approaches. I know absolutely nothing about the other regions, but Seattle I do know :)