[CLOSED]Transatlantic flight! @ KLAX - 150500ZOCT17

Sponsored by AF-KLM VA

Server: Casual

Region: What is a region again

Airport: KLAX

Time: 0500Z

NOTAM: Please show up in any Air France or KLM aircraft such as the 787, 777, 747, A380. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ATTACHED FLIGHT PLAN

TBIT(gate133: @Preston_Meade)
TBIT(gate155: @euroflyer)
TBIT(Gate134: @Daniel14 )
TBIT(Gate132: @Josh_Tomaz )
TBIT(Gate130: @ClarenceTheAvgeek )
TBIT(Gate148: @Harun_Koyuncu )
TBIT(Gate152: @joseph_lonergan )
TBIT(Gate154: @JackH )
TBIT(Gate156: @Kevin_James )
TBIT(Gate131: @William_Burke )
TBIT(Gate151: @Joseph_Krol )

Please let me know if I did anything wrong as this is my first event.
But remember, to have fun and be respectful!
If you would like a gate let me know!
Flight level 35,000
Speed: Mach .76

THE EVENT IS NOT UNTIL 10:00PM pacific time


Can I have a gate, I will also log this in my VA.

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I would like a gate please.

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@Josh_Tomaz and @ClarenceTheAvgeek you both have gates! Check above.

Thank you! I’ll be in a 777

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That sounds great see you there!

Added more gates for more capacity

Any others want to join?

I want to come just because of that xD. Unfortunately, I’m not sure my flight to Singapore will end in time. I’ll try to come.

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Could you tell me when it is

Today, 10pm pacific time

If you do come you need a gate

Would you like to join?

We still have gates open… it starts late because it is a 11 hour flight so when you wake up you can land

The event is happening today don’t forget!

Can i have a Gate please?

Yes you can! Check above for you name

Check above you now have one

Yes Thats right. Thank You very much

Of course see you there!

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