[CLOSED] Training Server 1 ATC @ KCLT - 181800ZAPR17


NOTAM: Please follow instructions! Come fly at KCLT at 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM Eastern)! Airliners please spawn at Terminal, while GA aircraft please spawn at GA parking.

Please sign up for approach below if you would like to operate that!

KCLT Approach: OPEN

18L: Pattern Work
18C: Departures
18R: Arrivals
23: Overflow

Time: 1800Z today

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: Charlotte Douglas Int’l (KCLT) ; Charlotte, NC

Services: Tower and Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling, positive or negative, in the thread below!



Hey there, I was STA0102 and was already airborne before you joined. I had plans on doing touch and go’s but when you got into centre everything seemed messed up. You’re over all controlling wasn’t the best telling me to do all the wrong things during a touch and go. For the future please gain more ATC knowledge. Check some tutorials if you need help.


I think you need to read/ watch these by the sounds of it;
Also, if you’re serious about ATC contact a scout or recruiter to get training ASAP

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