[CLOSED] Training for IFATC at London Gatwick EGKK

Open Tower and Ground, I will be there next two hours.


Ill be there shortly in a BA aircraft- callsign speed bird 110

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Still open, waiting for pilots…

I am coming in 5min!

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Sorry, last min I lost connection, so you didn’t get exit runway instruction

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Sorry for the beginning. I was so tired but I stil wanted to come to your session.

You are a good but I found one thing. When you told me to line up and wait there was also a another plane ahead in a different hold short line. You could instructed him to line up and wait aswell it would help to expedite the departures. Other than that it was very good but how many check help pages did you send during this session? 😂

No worries I knew at the end that you had some co issues :)

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Thanks for flying and for feedback. My intention was to line up both of you, but he was slow 747 and you lost 10 min taxing all way around Gatwick, so I gave advantice to you. 😜

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