[Closed] Tower @ WMBT (Training Server 2)

Come and fly to WMBT, one of the hardest approaches in IF! I’ll be there for about 30 minutes, maybe more. Feedback will be appreciated! Sorry if it’s not exactly the ideal place, I want to see people’s approaches!
Training Server 2

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What server?

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Would come if I knew which server. 🙂

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Whoops sorry it’s in the Trainning Server

Can you make it TS2? I’m having problems with 1. 🙂

Sure I’ll change.


Thanks, heading over there now!

Whoops, stalled whilst turning and watching someone land… 🙁

Bye, thanks.

That was fun, thanks! Messed up most of it, usually my landings are better on solo… 😞

was real fun landing on 02.

Phew, that was hectic, even with only 2 planes. I can’t imagine how crazy it would be if there were more!

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I just did the good old 20.


Sorry if I kept asking you to do 360s, someone else needed to land on the opposite runway.

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you can tell me in sequencing to Enter straight in 20.

It’s fine, it let me attempt to sort out my approach.

Here’s a video of the approach, they rarely use 02 for landing mountain is in he way. They use 20 for landings and 02 for departures.

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Cool, thanks for the vid!

If they did, why didn’t you say: Enter Straight in runway 20?

Sorry, I was still getting used to where stuff is, so I’ll remember to do that next time.