{closed} Tower quiz (B767fan win! Congrats!)

Hi! A little quiz regarding a tower…

Can someone give me the airport what belongs this tower?

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Toky perhaps?

No! Sorry :)

little help
a community member have shared photos taken from inside this tower :)

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EHAM/AMS Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

Its wrong my friend, but at only almost 1h of flight from EHAM :)


Oh, that sucks. Pretty cool man.

and… no! :)
Thank you for participating :)

the region is one of the most requested region in IF feedback

Brussels Aiport?


Yes its a good start

Zurich Airport?

Geneva Airport.


And… no again :/

New help : “Ethiad 702”

I was correct! Yes! Where’s my prize?

Yes congrats you find it!!

Where’s my prize? Lol

look at the title!