[Closed] Tower @ KJFK - Playground

Come and fly in the New York region! I’ll be doing some ATC at JFK airport. Use 22L and 13L for arrivals, 13R for departures! I’ll try my best!

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Nevermind, someone else just took my position…Ill be on after he’s gone!

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I may show my face

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And just when i thought nothing could get worse, my subscription runs out! 😤

And what do you know…its working now! Looks like a glitch, come and fly!

Well.i dont have New York Region

You will once global flight comes out ;)

Yeah ! ;) BTW can you control London city instead i will come right now if you are the ATC

I’m actually away from home without a charger right now…sorry 😞

Alright.Later on

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