(Closed) Tower & Ground @ EGBB TS1

Come down to EGBB on Training Server 1 for some atc. Also leave feedback when done. Thank and see you soon

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Cool I’ll be there. Good luck

You left?

Negative just have network issues but I should be fine now

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Sorry you weren showing up I’m going to reconnect

Okay that’s fine. :)

You’re still not showing up

Try reconnecting again…

Okay dokie I’m in now

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Ok so…

If a guy requests transition above 5000 ft AGL, tell him to check the forum for ATC help, as you do not need to request transition above 5000 AGL. Secondly, you did fine overall, although you had no one to sequence😉)

I’m so sorry I didn’t follow instructions!!! I am not used to the left/right traffic being switched(I’m not blaming you, it was my fault for going right traffic instead of left, but no need to switch it. In fact, after you’ve told me which traffic to use before I took off, all you have to tell me is cleared for the option, and no traffic instruction, because I already know which to use.)

Oh yeah, and when you told me to enter right downwind when I was already in right downwind: I interpret this as you trying to get me to extend downwind? If this is true, no need for this as I am the only plane at the airport and in the whole pattern. It’s kinda over-controlling.

And also sorry I missed the glideslope twice and it was a very rough final…😅😅😅

See you in the skies!


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Thanks for the feed back I was confused on what the guy was doing. But then he fixed his flight plan and I accedently hit the button for transition. And the last landing I was like did you have a spider in the flighdeck

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Hahaha I totally agree with you. I was in a rush, so I kept missing the localizer😂

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Its all cool but you did a nice landing after it

Thanks. I tried a tactical approach in a 787😂

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