[closed] Tower & Ground at EHAM

Come help me practice my ATC at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport on Playground.

Thanks for your time and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I’m on my way :-)

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Here’s my feedback:

  • If I request to change runways, don’t clear me directly, you should first give me a enter pattern instruction.

  • Respond quicker. The airport wasn’t busy at all, and you needed like 10-15 seconds to answer to a simple request like pushback.

  • Why do you always use left traffic? Be careful you don’t create conflicts with other aircrafts.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Would I be correct in saying for a runway change that I need to give a pattern instruction but for the same runway all I need to do is sequence and clear? I didn’t realise this before so thank you.

Regarding the speed of my responses I was just checking that there would be no conflict between aircraft before allowing pushback.

I will be more careful with my selection of left/right traffic next time too.

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You’re 100% right.

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Thanks, that will be helpful for my next ATC and when I apply for Advanced ATC.

Thanks for coming and for your help.

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